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       from a dream to reality...       

"Neutralizing and Eliminating Odors at the Organic Level"

THANAFRESH, LLC, and the trademark name- "THANAFRESH",  is the dream of our founder, GeRod A. Singleton.  Mr. Singleton is an entrepreneur and a Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer.  He started working in the funeral home at the age of 15 and is a graduate of Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service.

Mr. Singleton has experienced many death cases which presented some degree of unpleasant odors.  Over the years, he has experimented with using and sometimes mixing different odor neutralizing, deodorizing, and disinfecting agents together.  None have been able to neutralize and/or eliminate the unpleasant odors, which accompany human decomposition - without being toxic, hazardous, and/or leaving a strong masking scent -

Until NOW.

While a student at Gupton-Jones, Mr. Singleton began working on his dream to start ThanaFresh, LLC.  He began doing industry research and several years later started contacting candle makers and chemical companies in an effort to obtain or have products designed to meet the odor neutralizing and elimination needs of a Funeral Home.  However, there were three requirements which had to be met; finding existing products or having products developed that are -  1.  Non-toxic to the user - 2.  Not harmful to the environment (Biodegradable) - and 3.  Products that do not leave a STRONG, masking scent, of its own.

After years of trying different product formulations and samples, Mr. Singleton finally found an odor neutralizing liquid formula and an odor neutralizing candle formula that meet the need of odor control in a Funeral Home, but are also safe enough to be used wherever unpleasant odors are found.

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